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Sticky Definition I
 1. A woody piece or part of a
 2. A slender piece of wood
 3. A piece of material
composing something (as a building.)
 4. An implement resembling a stick in shape, origin , or use.
 5. Something prepared (as by cutting, molding, or rolling) in
a relatively long and slender often cylindrical form (a stick
of candy.)
 6. A person, chap; a dull,
inert, stiff, or spiritless person.
 7. A wooded or rural district.
 8. An herbaceous stalk
resembling a wood stick
 9. A mast.
 10. A piece of furniture.
 11. A number of bombs
arranged for release from a bombing plan in a series of a
cross a target; a number of
parachutists jumping together.
 12. Slang for cigarette.
 13. Slang for surfboard.
 Stick Definition II
 1. To arrange (lumber) in a stack.
 2. To provide a stick as for support.
 3. To set (type) in a composing stick.
 Stick Definition III
 1. To pierce with something pointed.
 2. To push or thrust so as or as if to pierce.
 3. To fasten by thrusting in or impale, push, or thrust.
 4. To put or set in a specified place or position.
 5. To furnish with things fastened on by or as if by piercing
 6. To complet to pay by trickery; overcharge.
 7. To halt the movement or action of; baffle, stump.
 8. Cheat, defraud.
 9. To hold to something firmly by or as if by adhesion.
 10. to remain in a place, situation, or environment.
 11. To remain in a place, situation, or enviornment.
 12. To become blocked, wedged, or jammed.
 13. To find oneself baffled.
 14. To be unable to proceed.
 15. To project or protrude.
 Stick Definition IV
 1. A thrust with a pointed instrument.
 2. A delay, stop, or impediment.
 3. Adhesive quality or substance.
Sticky Synonyms 
 adhere  cohere
 cling  cleave
 stab  baffle
 stump  twig
 branch  person
 chap  mast
 pierce  thrust
 push  fasten
 impale  overcharge
 cheat  defraud
 balk  scrupple
 project  protrude
 become closely attached
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